What Will I Gain From Attending SYNC?

The most relevant, up-to-date knowledge on how to succeed in the quickly growing super yachting industry.

Learn Tips and Tricks from experienced Superyacht Chief Stewardesses who not only want you to succeed but to love your Yachting Experience.

Know how to act and present yourself to be able to stand out and become a valued and loved crew member.

Where to go and how to get there through first-hand experience.

Quality course material to revert to at any given time.

The skill set to succeed above and beyond what is expected of a junior stew.

Know the skills involved to prepare yourself for that dream job interview.

Have the confidence to make cocktails, pour wine and pop that $1000 bottle of Champagne

Understand your role and career choice as a Stew and how to present yourself; off and online.

To be prepared for not just getting that dream job but making sure you keep it.

Leave with a Certificate of Course Completion to show your Superyacht Stew Skills.

Have access to our extended support.

Course Packages

R8 650

Superyacht Stew Course

The Superyacht Stew Course, led by seasoned Chief Stewardesses immersed in the superyacht industry, is meticulously designed to cultivate the skills essential for aspiring yacht steward/esses. Upon finishing the course, you’ll exude confidence in pivotal interior domains such as laundry, housekeeping, and service.

Who is this course for?
Having successfully completed your requirement courses, this becomes an imperative step in securing and maintaining that coveted dream job. Upon concluding the course, you will depart with:

Masterful CV Crafting: We transform your resume into a beacon of professionalism, complete with a striking, career-defining photo.

Global Crew Agency Access: Propel your career worldwide with exclusive entry to selected crew placement agencies.

Hands-On Yachting Experience: Immerse yourself in practical applications aboard a super yacht, honing your skills in a real-world setting.

Superyacht Service Mastery: Elevate your service game to exceptional heights, setting a new standard in the industry.

Artistry in Flower Arranging: Unleash your creativity as you learn the delicate art of flower arrangement and care.

Mixology Magic: Become a maestro of mixology, creating cocktails that leave a lasting impression.

Wine Wisdom and Food Pairing: Delight in the world of wines, mastering the nuances of pairing with delectable cuisine.

Exclusive SYNC Course Content: Gain access to a treasure trove of SYNC-exclusive course materials, unlocking insights and knowledge beyond the ordinary.

Ongoing SYNC Team Support: Your journey doesn’t end with the course; experience continuous support and engagement from the dedicated SYNC team.

But that’s not all! We go the extra nautical mile, connecting you with the following:

Visa Assistance: Navigate the complexities of visas with expert guidance, ensuring a smooth journey to your dream career destination.

Travel Assistance: Seamlessly plan your journey with our advised travel agent, making every step from home to yacht hassle-free.

E-SIM Card: Stay connected globally with an e-SIM card, keeping you in touch with your network wherever your superyacht adventures take you.

Financial Advisor Guidance: Navigate the seas of financial planning with expert guidance. Chart a prosperous course with expert financial planning. From budgeting for your journey to securing a stable financial future in yachting, our advisor ensures you sail confidently toward success!

Embark on this comprehensive adventure, where each aspect is meticulously crafted to not only meet but exceed the demands of the superyacht industry. Get ready to transform your passion into a powerhouse of skills, setting sail for a thrilling career ahead!

Pease see attachment for the detailed course breakdown Superyacht Stew Course

R9 650

Superyacht Stew Step-Up Course
(Currently unavailable)

The Superyacht Stew Step-Up (Advanced) Course is run by a Chief Stewardess/ Purser, that is currently working on rotation.  Whether it be your desire to become Chief Stew, 2nd, Head of Housekeeping or even Head of Service – there are some things you may want to know beforehand. In addition to the below highlight reel, you will receive a starter SYNC Step-Up package which will include rotas, tips and spreadsheets to work off until you find your groove.

Who is this course for?
If you have already completed at least 3 seasons and are looking to step-up to a higher position on board or grow in your role. If you are looking at getting back into yachting after having left the industry for over a year.
You will leave the course with:

Exclusive access to SYNC Step-Up starter kit
Silver Service, wine pairing, champagne, caviar & cigar service skills
Schedules, Rotas, Planners
Contacts for Provisioning – in and around all Yachting Hubs
Know how to be a Leader onboard a Superyacht
Understand the different phases of a vessel throughout the seasons
Be able to plan your service training and skills for your team
Be capable in managing the dynamics between HODs and your team
Have an event planning checklist
Learn the communication between the Galley and Head of Service/Chief Stewardess
Know how to conduct Standing orders/drills

Please see attachment for the detailed course breakdown STEP UP BROCHURE



R19 850



Superyacht Stew Entry Requirement Package

This package will provide you with the skills and qualifications necessary to secure a job as a superyacht steward or stewardess.

Who is this course for?
If you want to become a yacht steward or stewardess, this package is for you! This is our “no frills” yacht stew package, geared to provide you with just the essential courses to begin your career as a yacht stew.

Superyacht Stew Course (5 days)
STCW Basic Safety Training (Manilla’10 Compliant) (9 days)
Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (DSD) (2 days)
Highfield Food Hygiene and Safety Level II Certificate (1 day)



R41 950



Superyacht Stew Career Package

This package of courses is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive set of skills necessary to secure your dream steward or stewardess position.

Who is this course for?
This package is geared towards the individual who wants to get the competitive edge on his/her competitors. This package provides you with the regulatory requirements to become a stew, and a little bit more.  And having an edge on the competition is always a good thing!

Superyacht Stew Course (5 days)
STCW Basic Safety Training (Manilla’10 Compliant) (9 days)
Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (DSD) (2 days)
Highfield Food Hygiene and Safety Level II Certificate (1 day)
Professional in-depth Intermediate Barista Training (3 days)
Professional Mixology/Bartenders course (5 days)
RYA Powerboat Level II (2 days)



R50 850



Superyacht Stew/Chef Comprehensive Package

This package adds the additional skill of cooking on board a yacht to the comprehensive stew position.  Having the additional qualification has the potential to open more doors, as many yachts have a stew/cook position on board.

Who is this course for?
Do you love cooking and food, but don’t want to be confined to the galley (that’s yacht terminology for kitchen)? Or are you unsure if you want to be a stew or cook? This is the course for you! This package is designed to give you the option to secure a position on board a yacht as a stew, a stew-cook, or even a cook/chef.  Talk about having options! With this set of skills you will be able to be flexible and decide which career path appeals to you more as you grow and develop in the industry.

Superyacht Stew Course (5 days)
IAMI Superyacht Culinary Training (10 days over 2 weeks)
STCW Basic Safety Training (Manilla’10 Compliant) (9 days)
Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (DSD) (2 days)
Highfield Food Hygiene and Safety Level II Certificate (1 day)
RYA Powerboat Level II (2 days)



R47 300



Superyacht Stew/Deck Crew Package

This package blends the career paths of deck and interior, giving you the skills to be able to work in either field, or on a yacht that requires someone to do both.

Who is this course for?
This package would be ideal for someone who would like to spend time on deck and outside as well as in the interior.  In other words, if you love water sports and working outside, but also love service and the trappings of the interior.  It is also an ideal choice for broadening your career opportunities.

Superyacht Stew Course (5 days)
Superyacht Deckhand Course (4 days)
MCA Yacht Rating (5 Days)
STCW Basic Safety Training (Manilla’10 Compliant) (9 days)
Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (DSD) (2 days)
Highfield Food Hygiene and Safety Level II Certificate (1 day)
RYA / SAMSA VHF Radio Course (1 day) exc. Exam fees
RYA Powerboat Level II (2 days)
RYA Personal Watercraft (PWC/Jet Ski) Course (1 Day)

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More Facts

Individual Courses Available


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Designated Security Duties (DSD)  –  Course Breakdown


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Superyacht Deckhand Course  – Course Breakdown


Superyacht Culinary Training Course  –  Course Breakdown


ENG 1 Seafarer Medical Certificate Bookings


Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio License – Course Breakdown


RYA Power Boat Handling Level 2 Course  –  Course Breakdown


RYA Personal Watercraft  (PWC/Jetski) License  –  Course Breakdown


RYA Competent Crew Course  –  Course Breakdown


RYA Day Skippers Licence  – Course Breakdown